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How to Make Money

How to Make Money

Ideas to increase your income from Prosperous Minds

"He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; he who cherishes understanding prospers." Proverbs 19:8

Making money is all about increasing your income. The guides on Prosperous Minds are written to help you think through many different ways to bring more money into your account (or under your mattress). We have divided the guides into the following sections:

Ideas for earning extra money

There are literally hundreds of ways to earn more money, some of which are so easy that they easily get overlooked. In addition to our main article which covers as many money making tips and ideas as possible, this section also includes selling on car boot sales, making money through cash back sites, how to sell on ebay and all about selling old mobile phones.

Guides to help you get a pay rise or promotion

Increasing your pay from your current employer might be easier than you think. This section will help you plan your career path in such a way as to become more valuable to your company. Your new worth will enable you to negotiate a pay rise and possibly acheive a promotion. To get you ready for a pay rise, we have included advice to help you impress your boss with improved efficiency in time management and improved customer relations. Once you are ready to ask for a pay rise we can advise you on how to ask for it. How to get a promotion is also covered in detail.

Guides on how to land your next job

This includes essential advice on writing a good CV and help on how to prepare for interview.

The world of investments

If you're ready to make a start with investing your money then our introductory guides will help you find your way around investing in property, using ordinary savings accounts and some pointers to help with share dealing.

Prosperous Minds wishes you every success in making more money then ever before.

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Other income sources
Do you regularly receive income from sources other than your main job?